Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few changes!

I've been at it again! I'm sure my husband wonders if he has the right house at times; i'm always changing something. Things don't stay the same for long around here. I'm always looking for ways to rearrange things. This time it involved wallpapering! I am so happy with the results. Lowes was had all of their border and paper on clearance, making for some great bargains. I papered my dining room for a total of $4.00! Can't beat that! By the way, Andy hung it all for me! He did a fabulous job! Thank you sweetie!
I've also decided to go completely girly with Chastity's room. I purchased this set on Craigslist and am lovin it! It is a shabby chic, but i'm also incorporating some Boyds Bears with it. I will post pictures when i get it all together, although it may be awhile! For now i will show you the valance and heart wall hangings.
I decided to try using my cedar chest as a coffee table. Looks pretty good to me!
At last! My updated dining room! So, what do ya think?!
I also repainted all of my cupboards, but still have some touch-ups to do. When i get those complete i will let ya see!

Excuse the half painted chair! I have plans to re=do the whole set.


Laura said...

Lookin' good!! Can't wait to see the changes tomorrow evening.

Constance said...

It looks beautiful!! I Love it!

Wendy said...

You are most talented in the decorating department! I LOVE, LOVE, your style!!!
I wish you were here to give me your opinions on my living room decorating.
NO ONE here understands my love for the pair of old, grubby shutters (peeling paint and all!) on either side of the double window....INSIDE! I know you would like it!
Thanks for posting these inspires me!

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

Thank you! Decorating is one thing i love to do! I would love to see your living room. The shutters are wonderful! Would love to use them in my house if only it were bigger.