Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo shoot

My mom and dad sent three very small crab apples from their cider stash this week so i set up a "studio" and snapped away! As you can see; most of my pictures turned out blurry of course! What a bummer! I think i am trying too hard! I try to hurry and catch her smiles and in the process don't hold it still enough. Oh well. Guess we'll have to try again, but anyways here are some of them. She had just woke up from a long nap and was in high spirits.

These were taken when we were in Ohio back in July. Chastity was six weeks old.

Chastity loves our dog Daisy. She thinks its alot of fun to throw things for Daisy to fetch. Its so cute to watch. I caught her towards the end so she was more squeals than laughter.


Constance said...

Enjoyed the pictures. You did a great job.

Verla said...

You should start your own business as good as the pictures were. Good job

Marea P said...

I can't believe how big Chastity is getting. Babies definately do not stay little for long, so keep snapping lots of shots. You did a great job with them by the way.

mrstcd said...

I have to say we think she's a doll. Not that we're partial or anything. Can't wait to be able to hold her and get to know her all over again.