Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The past week has been a bad/good one; if that makes any sense! Last wed. I started to catch what felt like a cold. Getting a cold is not on my list as a pleasant thing to experience. I soon found out that its even worse when you're pregnant! No fun at all!!

We had been planning on going to Hobe Sound for the weekend and I really didn't want to give that up. SO, cold and all we made the trip. We enjoyed our stay although, my cold di put a slight damper on things for me.

On saturday afternoon Andy and I made our escape to the beach. The public beach was overly crowded so we decided to drive through Jupiter Island to Blowing Rock beach(a more secluded less crowded area). Only one problem, you now have to pay a small fee per person for the privacy. Not a problem if you're prepared! We were not. Between the two of us we scraped together a $2 bill and $2 in change; hoping that would be enough to get us in. When we presented the lady with our "gift" she decided it was too much trouble to count the change and let us in for $2!!! So now we were a happy little couple on our way to the beach!!

We headed home on Sunday afternoon with a tired Andy and a very miserable me. Thank goodness monday was Presidents Day therefore, I had the day off to spend in bed trying to recoup. I am happy to say I am now on the mend! Finally!!

My most recent visit to the doctor was last friday and i am happy to report that "baby" is healthy and growing with a strong heartbeat of 141! So........boy or girl???!

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