Monday, January 28, 2008


Although this picture has nothing to do with de-cluttering, it has everything to do with the revising of some of my decorations. I am on a mission to go through everything in my house and clean out anything that is not serving a purpose, whether it be practical or not. My goal is to have this BIG project completed well before the baby decides to make his/her appearance. So far I've gotten a pretty good start on things. The second bedroom, which will be the nursery/guest room, is becoming quite cluttered with garage sale goodies! I'm very anxious to get it cleared out asap so I can start redecorating for the baby. I revamped the whole arrangement on my dining room wall and this was the result!
By the way, it feels wonderful to come home to a house thats in tip top shape! Just does something for body!!!!


mrstcd said...

You go, Girl! It will be so much easier on the mind , body and spirit to have a peaceful, uncluttered home! Especially the baby's room. The arrangement turned out nice. It's getting more exciting! Love you all

Random said...

I think someone has hit the nesting stage. ;)

I absolutely love your decorating style, it is beautiful. Keep the photos coming. :)

Stephanie said... can come and do mine next...1,680 sq. ft. seems like a cracker box with 4 growing children and a big husband! I have too much clutter, but have started letting go. It does feel good!